Nick Name:  Xian
Name:  Christian Antkow
Birthday:  March 27th
Current Location: Texas - USA
Favorite Food: Steak and Sushi
Favorite Tune:   "Exorcism" -Killing Joke
Level design, computer games, driving my car really fast, gambling, women.



I first heard about Christian Antkow when Quake 2 came out. He posted .plan files all of the time, even when Quake III Arena came out. It was one of those things where it was all about a name, more so than knowing him or knowing really too much about him. I was running Quake3world.com for quite a very long time and them boom, one day some Linux related files started acting up on my computer (which ran Windows). I contacted Todd Hollenshead from id Software about the issue. He referred me to Christian Antkow for help concerning the matter. We talked through ICQ and email very frequently so I was able to get to know him in a much more in-depth way than I thought I would. So around E3 of that year, he mentioned that he may be attending the gaming event. I had no idea I had seen him twice at Activision's booth through out the weekend without even knowing it. At the time, he thought I knew what he looked like and was ignoring him. I wish I knew what he looked ahead of time! :)

In 2002, I met him in person for the first time eye to eye, handshake and all. We went out for some apple martini's and that was that. Christian can seem a bit shy for a girl that is as talkative as I am. He's a great guy once he's had a few drinks. ;)  j/k!