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Question 1: With fireworks bursting near where you live, do you normally drive to your favorite location to view them or do you change your scenery each year?

[Da5id]: I definitely try to change my scenery every year. Although, I haven’t decided where I’ll go this year.

[Kornelia]: We have watched the fireworks now for a few years from this one spot. The air smells great (Unlike LA) Palm trees and a grassy hill surrounds the area where Dodger Stadium is, so you only see the fire works. The view is perfect and there is never a crowd. :)

[Desmoden]: I usually try to drive to Santa Cruz, California if I can. There is a beach there that they close off and let the locals fire off as many fireworks as they want. A lot of people bring out some amazing industrial strength fireworks. It's hard to get down there once they set up the road blocks but totally worth the effort. All those random fireworks going off on the beach, it looks like the opening scene to Saving Private Ryan. It's awesome.

[BonitaGirl]: Depends on where I want to go....and what kind of party there is :) Going to go back to the Miles Ahead Crusade this year :) Remember last year CaliGirl? We'll miss you! :)

[PharCyde]: I try to change my scenery every year.

Question 2: Are you the adventurous type to sit on the roof of a house to see the fireworks or do you like have them so close above you that they hurt your ears?

[Da5id]: The closer the better! Two years ago I went out to Malibu for the fireworks. Rich and famous people rent these huge fireworks barges that launch them right off shore so they pretty much explode above your head. Very cool!

[Kornelia]: Funny that you ask this. We used to watch the Dodger Stadium fireworks from our roof. I live in Downtown Los Angeles, California.  The view was incredible. To the west you see the skyline of the Downtown buildings. To the East you see the fireworks.  A couple years ago a company built a huge cold storage building five feet from our windows. It is twice as tall as our building so now sadly our view is quite limited (a while wall).

[Desmoden]: Adventurous type! For the big fire works show in San Francisco a couple months ago, I went out on a boat and got right under the fireworks over the bay. You could feel the boom. Laying there on the front of the boat, you could see nothing else but the fireworks, it was unforgettable. So if it's roof, parking garage in Vegas, boat deck, or Santa Cruz beach, I'll go wherever I can to see some great explosives. :)

[BonitaGirl]:  Actually neither. I like to have them at a nice distance. :)

[PharCyde]:  I've done both, just depends on the scenery. :D

Question 3: When I think about 4rth of July growing up, it was always about root beer floats. Is there a favorite food or drink you most desire mainly during fourth of July?

[Da5id]: Root beer floats? It was more like Corona Beer sink.

[Kornelia]: Root beer floats... that sounds pretty good. I celebrated my first 4th of July when I was 16 years old. Having been born and raised in Hungary it took me a while to learn and to get adjusted to American Holidays.

I don't remember eating or drinking stuff that I would mainly associate with 4th of July. Could be because I celebrate it on a top of a deserted hill. :)

[Desmoden]: Hmmm. I just always think of backyard BBQ's. Burgers, Pepsi, that smokey smell from the grill. Yum...now I'm hungry :)

[BonitaGirl]: Umm....Strawberry or Rasberry lemonade. :)

[PharCyde]:  Cool frosty glass of Cream Soda or Guinness.

Question 4:  Is there something you would like to say about 4rth of July or anything else?

[Da5id]: I think this is one of the most important independence days in the history of America. It’s really imperative that everyone gets into the spirit and celebrates the sheer badass-ness of this country.

[Kornelia]: Sure! If you'd like to hear great music by a cool band catch the Breeders on their June-July tour. The Breeders kick off their North American tour on July 5th. For more info visit: http://www.noaloha.com

[Desmoden]: It's a great holiday if you think about it. It's our Independence Day. Every country has one, and this is ours. No other countries celebrate that day. I'd bet some even don't like it :) But its ours. And if you are going to go out, and forget all the bad news, and fears and just enjoy being with friends and family this is the day to do it. If you aren't feeling it, watch Independence Day in surround sound, and after watching Will Smith kick some alien ass, get on line, find your favorite game and destroy a bunch of your fellow Netonians. Online destruction always puts a smile on my face. I know I'll be sitting down with my new copy of Warcraft III for most of the day. =)

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