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SUNDAY - JUNE 1, 2003

Real life took a toll on my from the Memorial Holiday weekend! I left town and came back exhausted. Finally recovered this weekend. Yep, I haven't had a chance to see the cool new features yet. :D  I'll be on there tonight so I'll be on the look out for all of you.

WEDNESDAY - MAY 14, 2003

I've been doing a little research on furniture designs that have been created by other There peeps. Latin Prince Fashions happens to have some great leopard couches I fell for today! I have added a link to their site in the resources section for future references.

Screenshots Added
New screenshots added to the following sections:

    Tiki Island - Set 1: New Mushroom area, Bali Hai Bar, Hoverpark added.

    Tiki Island - Set 2: Meeting New People at Crow's Nest, Maiden's Flight, Inferno
                                Bar,The Spa and the Camp Fire.

    Buggy: A Tyr Offramp and my first race at Mesa Point Buggy Racing.

    Saja: Added this new section with lots of fun in the sky!

    Wardrobe: Added my new jeans, purple shirt, shorts, leo camo and tankini outfits!

More Happenings
I finally had a chance to update the about section with happenings from last Sunday and Tuesday.

    Day 4: Met up with Lady Grace to see Saja, found mushrooms and more.

    Day 3: Boneyard cruising, meeting Trideer and Cn07 and more exploring.


MONDAY - MAY 12, 2003

To get to know the world of There even more, I have added some great fansites for your web surfing needs! In the Resources section you'll find guides, tips, There Community sites, clothing designers, buggy exterior artists and other related links.

More Screens
I'll be adding the happenings log from last night some time this evening. But for now, the new screenshot additions include:

  Tiki Island: Some more shots of more mysterious areas of Tiki!

  Buggy Lovin: Added Boneyard fun from last night meeting new friends and some
                       island exploring.

  Egypt: Just the temple of chicken.

  Tyr: The mysterious dark world. There's crystal caves, electric cactus and more.

  Wardrobe: Since I am still new, I don't have a big wardrobe yet. This is a start.


SATURDAY - MAY 10, 2003

With my new passion for There.com, I decided to make a section here at CaliGirl.net. At this time you can view some screenshots, a few new clothing designs I just started working on and some information about this awesome virtual chat world called There!

I also made a type of log book you can find in the about section, listing some exciting things that happened while I was using There.com. There's talk about my first two days.


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